Esports Betting in USA & Best Esports Betting Sites

eSports Betting USA & Best eSports Betting Sites

eSports Betting in USA

eSports, or, in other words, professional video gaming is a whole separate direction in betting world. Several things have changed in gambling industry Over the time and eSports addition is one of them. Development of the internet and the industry itself has created new forms of betting. Video gaming itself has been gaining popularity over the years as well.

First video games were made in the middle years of XX century. Today eSports betting is spread all over the world and is one of the popular directions of online betting.

There are studies from Super Data Research depicting that the market of Esports has made over 1000 million in revenue last year and, of course, these sums will be risen to much higher numbers. This information is not just about sums; it tells a lot about the popularity of Esports betting. Many TV channels are interested to show broadcast Esports tournaments as they have a lot of viewers and they are highly demanded.

Many people, hearing about Esports betting for first time, are surprised because of the connotation of the word. Still, Video gaming is sports, to be more specific, it is an electronic form of sports and it has much to do with excitement and challenge and what is more interesting, it has many many betting activities.

There are several video games that are extremely popular. Let’s discuss what are they and how to play successfully:

DOTA 2 Betting

DotA 2 is one of the most popular Esports disciplines in the world which has enormous amount of fans. The history of DotA 2 started after releasing of the game in 2011, when the bookmakers understood that this game had a huge future and potential. The first tournament was held in the same year.

A Tournament by the name “The International” is held every year by the creator of DotA 2 and has huge prizes. The International 2019 prize was 34 330 068 $US which is a dream for any “real” sports betting.

The formats of DotA 2 are: best of 1; best of 2; best of 3 and best of 5; as for the betting lines, gamblers can bet on the winners – just predict who the winner will be; they can also bet on the round winner – predict who the round winner will be; and Asian handicaps are here too.

There are another popular betting options as well offered by the companies, for example, round duration bet – gamblers try to predict how long the round will last. There is a Firstblood bet, which means, they try to determine which team will kill the opponent first. FirstRoshan is the option where players predict which will be the team to kill Roshan first. (Note: Roshan is the strongest neutral creep).

Although, there are different betting options for DotA 2, experienced gamblers advice not to take a big risk and to try to bet on classical betting lines. The final of the game is absolutely unpredictable and anything can happen during the round. Of course, there are favorite teams, but in Esports nothing can be taken for granted.

In order to make a successful bet, gamblers should take notes on, and consider several important aspects. First of all, they should have a clear understanding of teams and their possibilities, ratings and results. They should pay attention to the list of participants and the prize pools.

Carefully select the match, pay attention to the number of rounds the certain team plays. If it is too high, there is a chance that the team is tired. Take note that if the match does not influence too much on the reputation and rating of the team, there is a chance that team members will not put all their efforts into it.

There can be other types of advices that may help you, but take note that DotA 2 is not a very predictable game, so, it is up to you to make a decision. And, you know what? sometimes spontaneous decisions are luckier.

League of Legends Betting ( LOL Betting )

League of Legends (LOL) is another extremely popular eSports game. Thousands of gamblers participate in League of Legends world championship.

There are 10 players in the game which are divided into two teams. The winner is the team that will destroy the opponent’s nexus – the main base building on each team’s territory.

There are different levels of champions in LOL. They are divided according to some categories that show their strengths and weaknesses. Bettors can choose their favorite teams according to championship statistics, or simply bet on their favorite teams.

There are negative and positive odds that give you information about how much you should risk to win $100 by backing the favorite team and, also, how much you will profit by risking $100 backing the underdogs.

There are different betting types on LOL. You can bet before the game, in advance, or – during the game as well. Gamblers can wager on the outcomes of the match and the tournament. If you are new to betting on LOL, moneyline is the right option for you. Just choose a team which you think will win the match or round and bet on.

If you do not want to choose one potential winner to stand by, you can wager on totals, meaning try to predict how many rounds will be played. There is an option to predict the details of the match, like, who will be the first to kill a dragon, or who will destroy the tower first.

CSGO Betting

Counter strike is regarded to be the most important Esports games of the last decade. It is a first person shooter game and the teams are playing against each other.

The objective of the game is to kill all the members of the opposing team. The game was created by two students and it was free to download until it gained a big popularity and the big company purchased its intellectual property rights.

There are several options to bet on Counter Strike Global Offensive. Money line is the one where gamblers predict who will win the match. They can also bet on separate maps.

The outcome of the game depends on several factors. It is very important to have some strong individual players in the team, while the good communication and strategy skills can have a drastic impact on the game result.

DotA 2; League of Legends and Counter strike are one of the greatest Esports games, but you can find other also great ones on our website. We are looking forward to see you. Wish you luck!

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