Bitcoin is the best support for eSports betting

eSports is becoming more and more popular in the world. Nowadays, many online sportsbooks offer eSports on their platforms. There are millions of fans who watch eSports events and bet on them.

In spite of this situation, eSports gambling is not legal in all the countries. Moreover, the situation is different even in the different states of one country. There are countries where sportsbook deposits are rejected by banks. In most cases, BTC is the best solution, as it’s not controlled by banks, governments or other third party authorities.

Only thing you need to know is the legislation of your country. If eSports betting is legal in your country, there are no rules broken by making transactions with BTC. 

Another advantage of BTC is that it’s faster than other payment methods. It’s a convenient way. It may not be as fast as MasterCard or Visa, but it definitely is faster than other bank transfers. There is no need to visit bank or agent in order to proceed transactions. Using your phone or computer is the only thing you need.

Placing deposits and withdrawals in a cheapest way is the other advantage of BTC. There are several options depending on the time you want to make a transaction. If you are not in a hurry, you can pay less amount of money. Transaction fees via BTC are less.

Anonymity is another thing why gamblers like to make BTC transactions. Though some people believe that BTC provides full anonymity, we should admit that it’s not like that. But unlike other payment options, BTC really provides some sort of anonymity.

One of the frequent questions regarding BTCs is, if it is easy to use. It may sound strange, but there is nothing annoying with the process of paying. First time you will need over 20 minutes to make your purchase, every other transaction with bitcoin will be the simplest one.

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