Bitcoin Casino & US Crypto Gambling Guide

Bitcoin Casino US Gambling Guide

Bitcoin casinos in USA & Worldwide

The most popular digital , crypto currency has become a new solution for gamblers. There is no doubt that Bitcoin is regarded to be one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world and there are many reasons why it still continues to attract more and more people.

BTCs enter to different markets and, in this process, gambling industries are not the exception. Hundreds of online casinos allow bitcoin deposits and transactions; they treat BTCs as an additional currency. While there are many online casinos that specialize only on Bitcoins. Bitcoin casinos are located in different countries of the world and operate according to their legislations.

As for the Bitcoin betting possibilities, there are many options to bet bitcoin money on, including: sports betting, casino games, gambling games, lotteries and so on. There are no limits set.

Bitcoin casino advantages

Bitcoin casino has many advantages over traditional ones. There are several factors that bitcoin users think are important for the safety of their personal information and data. Nowadays the safety of personal and financial information is quite a complicated thing, especially if it refers to online gambling. Cyber-attacks became part of our everyday life and the situation becomes extremely difficult if these attacks are made by professional hackers. The investigation of these kind of crime is never an easy task. BTCs are far more safe in terms of all mentioned above.

Anonymity is the basic reason why bitcoin casino users choose to gamble via BTCs. There are no governments or banks that control this crypto currency. Transactions are not charged and there are no limitations, users can make as much transactions as they wish, while traditional ones, generally, set limits and get fees.  

The process of making transactions like deposits or withdrawals are highly quicker rather than at traditional online casinos. The reason of this is the fact that they are made through blockchains and the process of transfer takes about 10-15 minutes. Gamblers will like it more while making cash outs, that are far faster than in other cases.

Another advantage of BTC casinos is that they are not regulated as strictly as traditional ones, that are under control of the banks and governments and that is quite complicated. The fact that there are many countries where gambling is prohibited is another reason why the number of BTC casino users increase. People love to gamble and even when their governments do not give a chance to do so, they try to find another way. BTC casinos are the solutions for these type of users as they are almost out of control.

BonusBitcoin – Promotional offers from Bitcoin casinos

Online casinos have different types of promotional offers when a customer uses BTCs. Mostly, there are welcome bonuses for bitcoin players and, yes, bonusbitcoin is worth to mention. Offering significant bonuses are another reason why Bitcoin casinos are getting more and more popular.

Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus is the most desirable promotion and it already says what it means. Winning money from a no deposit bonus is a great thing for all newcomers. On the other hand, this a way for bitcoin casinos to attract gamblers.

In spite of the fact, that the popularity of BTC’s has enormously increased, BTC casino providers still make efforts to encourage gamblers. Thus, they try to stand out from others – thinking about new types of promotional offers that will catch an eye of a gambler.

There are different types of no deposit bonuses. Let’s discuss some of them:


Free Spin Promotions

If you have ever had anything to do with online casinos, you should’ve definitely heard about free spin that is one of the popular form of bitcoin casino no deposit bonus. Once you create an account on crypto casino webpage, you are given some free spins to try on bitcoin slots.


Withdrawal Allowed

This type of no deposit bonus allows the gambler to cashout the money he/she won from bonuses. In case of the most online casinos, this is not allowed.


Withdrawal Not Allowed

There are online casinos that do not allow gamblers to withdraw no deposit bonus in order to maintain the user keep gambling. These type of bonuses are concentrated on the gamblers to try new games and take a habit of gambling.


VIP. Points

Best bitcoin casinos reward their loyal clients. The meaning of loyalty can be different site by site. In case of crypto casinos, one becomes loyal user by making real money wagers. However, some of the casinos give these points to new gamblers as a no deposit bonus hoping to encourage them to play more.

Ethereum casino and gambling with Ether

Ethereum is one of the most interesting crypto currencies in today’s world. While BTC is the most popular one, Ether has much more possibilities to offer. It’s based on blockchain like BTCs and there are no financial institutions that can set control on it.

The reason why some online casinos allow gambling via Ether is the same as in case of BTCs – gambling with Ether is safe and secure. There are two options to gamble via Ether. First, like BTCs, gamblers transact in US Dollars, Euros or GBPs. This method is the common one. The second one refers to the casinos that operate entirely with Ethereum. And the transactions happen with sending smart contracts.  One thing that make smart contracts attractive is that the payouts are very fast.



Bitcoin casinos are prohibited in US. Which does not mean that there are no citizens of US who gamble at bitcoin casinos. Of course, they do exist and they transact money anonymously. Because of this anonymity it is hard to gather the information in order to set control.

The users of bitcoin casinos have already been assured that gambling via Bitcoin or other crypto currencies is the best option in terms of safety and anonymity. It’s safe and gives gamblers an additional benefits of several different kind of promotions run by online crypto currency casinos.

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