5 myths about online casinos

Spreading false opinions about anything has become common thing since the internet became alternative of traditional media. Online casinos are not the exception as well. There are many myths ruining their reputation. We will try to discuss the most common ones below.

  1. Online casino games are rigged
    Some people believe that playing online is not as trusty as it is in land-based casino. Alternatively, game accuracy and reliability are the key elements of casino operators, so they spend a lot of money and energy to have everything under control.
  2. Online casinos cannot control the underage players
    One of the biggest concerns about online casinos was that they could not avoid underage people from their websites. In response of that, every licensed online casino is obliged to verify the user accounts. Underage people do not have their own bank account numbers.
  3. Winners may not be paid.
    There have really been such cases when some gamblers out of millions have not been payed because of certain reasons. It doesn’t mean that this kind of things are common. Again, bad news spreads fast and people love to share failures like this. All the official online casinos that are licensed basically act nicely to their customers.
  4. If a player wins, games freeze.
    There is an opinion that if a gambler wins too much, games slow down or freeze. Let’s try to find a logic. The more a gambler wins, the more casino wants to maintain this gambler. Over the time chances of winning are less and less. That’s the reason the sentence above is not logical.
  5. Online gambling is more addicting
    Because of the fact that online gambling is more accessible than land-based casino, there is a myth that iGaming is more addicting. At least, online gaming websites have functions to set daily, weekly or monthly limits. They have all the useful information to use in order to help addicted gamblers, while land-based casinos do not even care about the personal information of their customers. That’s why that kind of opinions are not even worth to discuss more. 

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